Matt Smith: Entrepreneurship and Growth in the Mattress Industry

Stay tuned as we unveil the story of Matt Smith, a prodigy in the entrepreneurial world whose early success in the mattress industry at just 19 sparked a diverse and dynamic business career. Discover how adaptability and versatility are not just traits but necessities for modern business ventures. Join us as we explore Smith’s personal narrative on the crucial balance between entrepreneurial drive and family life. Gain insights into how this successful entrepreneur maintains harmony between his ambitions and family commitments.

In love with the problem or the solution?

Today, we are exploring the essence of problem-solving and progression in luxury real estate with our distinguished guest, Morad Fiki. Morad Fiki, a US Navy veteran, has significantly impacted the Houston luxury real estate market since his honorable discharge in 2013. Known for his unorthodox marketing strategies and advanced use of social media, Morad has […]

Episode 42 – The Art of the Pitch with Jeff Sarault

In a vibrant exchange about the essence of a successful business pitch, Jeff Sarault, a seasoned professional, brings to light the critical aspects of connecting with prospects and transforming them into customers. His journey from broadcasting to sales unveils the discovery that those driving the most splendid cars weren’t just employees but adept salespeople. He […]

Episode 40 – Nanouka Katish Woods

In a recent engaging discussion on “Be Growth Driven,” Audrey and Nanouka Katish Woods delved into the challenges and triumphs of being a mompreneur. This conversation is a testament to the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, where family and business coexist harmoniously. Nanouka’s journey into entrepreneurship wasn’t a straight path. Initially following the conventional route of […]

Episode 38 – TCPA with Eric Troutman

Eric Troutman is one of the country’s prominent class action defense lawyers and is nationally recognized in TCPA litigation and compliance. Eric has built a…