26 May

Episode 34 – Grant Cardone Licensees

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10X Sales Professionals

What does it take to be a 10X Sales Professional? Did you know that there are roughly 18 million salespeople in the US alone? The truth is, everythone needs to be a salesperson. Selling impacts everyone in one way or another. It affects your business, your life and your family. You ability or inability to […]

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25 May

Episode 35 – Grant Cardone Licensee Day – Part 2

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10X Sales Professional Part 2

It’s no secret that Grant Cardone is the most well-respected name in business and success training. If you weren’t aware, there is an opportunity to partner with Grant to coach, educate, inspire and make some money in your own town, city, state or country. As a licensee, you will speak, coach and consult any company, […]

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24 May

Episode 36 – Salana Whitehead

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Have you ever dreamed of starting a business and making it on your own as an entrepreneur? Join us for Episode 36 as we visit with Salana Whitehead, founder at Innovative Water Products and creator of “Fluzzle Tube.” Fluzzle Tube stands for Floating Puzzle Tube, an innovative product that solves the problem of staying connected […]

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21 May

Episode 38 – TCPA with Eric Troutman

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Eric Troutman

Eric Troutman is one of the country’s prominent class action defense lawyers and is nationally recognized in TCPA litigation and compliance. Eric has built a…

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Joel Buhr

Joel Buhr

Brings over 20 Years of Business Development Consulting experiance, working with both the mom'n'pop to the Fortune 100 companies helping them solve complex business intelegience problems.

Husband • Father • Private Pilot
Avid Student of The Bible

"I firmly believe when we can see how others have overcome things, it can be some of the most powerful pieces of information that we can posses."

Audrey Buhr

Audrey Buhr

Small town common sense, and a love to service. Ones values should affect everything from how how you think, which affects what say to what you do. She believes that you do what needs to be done in order to achieve success. Business doesn't take a holiday.

Beloved Wife • Mother of Two
Cherished Friend to Many

"Sometimes it only takes one statement, one truth, from a long conversation, that motivates and inspires you to action. Take the road less traveled, suck the marrow out of life and LIVE it!"



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