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Joel Buhr

Joel Buhr

Brings over 20 Years of Business Development Consulting experiance, working with both the mom'n'pop to the Fortune 100 companies helping them solve complex business intelegience problems.

Husband • Father • Private Pilot
Avid Student of The Bible

"I firmly believe when we can see how others have overcome things, it can be some of the most powerful pieces of information that we can posses."

Audrey Buhr

Audrey Buhr

Small town common sense, and a love to service. Ones values should affect everything from how how you think, which affects what say to what you do. She believes that you do what needs to be done in order to achieve success. Business doesn't take a holiday.

Beloved Wife • Mother of Two
Cherished Friend to Many

"Sometimes it only takes one statement, one truth, from a long conversation, that motivates and inspires you to action. Take the road less traveled, suck the marrow out of life and LIVE it!"



Our mission is to provide businesses with the right information, insights, and solutions, to empower their growth and success with a vision to serve and empower our client’s business growth to positively impact people and communities.

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