Episode 45 – Alex Zastoupil – Are You Reaching Your Potential?

In this episode of Be Growth Driven, we delve into the upcoming 10X Super Life event in the UAE, scheduled for September 21st and 22nd. Hosted by Miriam Alla Lee, this event promises to be the largest 10X gathering outside Miami.

Alex Zastoupil’s Journey: From North Dakota to Financial Strategy

Alex, hailing from North Dakota, shares his unique journey. He started a coin business at 13, growing it from a meager $70 to $100,000 in sales over six years. His venture into the silver market at 18 led to significant profits but eventually faced a downturn, prompting him to switch to the stock market. Through his experiences, Alex emphasizes the value of education and personal development.

Overcoming Depression and Discovering Potential

Alex candidly discusses his battle with depression, highlighting periods of intense lows despite his professional successes. His turning point came upon discovering Grant Cardone’s works, leading to his participation in the 10X challenge and various mentorship programs. These experiences reignited his belief in his potential and fueled his desire to inspire others.

Setting Ambitious Goals: Reaching Billions

Alex’s ambition isn’t just to reach millions but billions, drawing inspiration from Grant Cardone. He believes in reaching a vast audience to impact more lives positively. His philosophy centers around modeling success, avoiding reinvention, and eliminating confusion for better results.

The Power of Decision Making and Action

The conversation shifts to the importance of decisiveness. Alex admits his past struggles with procrastination, emphasizing the need for immediate action and learning from failures. He underscores the significance of surrounding oneself with motivating individuals and consistently seeking growth opportunities.

The Upcoming 10X UAE Event

As the discussion turns to the 10X UAE event, Alex shares his excitement to speak on stage, aiming to inspire with his personal story of transformation. He stresses the event’s value in offering education, networking opportunities, and a platform for learning from successful mentors.

Final Thoughts: Embracing Change and Growth

Alex’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, education, and the right mentorship. His journey from a small coin business to a figure aspiring to inspire billions showcases the limitless potential of human ambition and growth.

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