Episode 41 – Maryam Essa Al Ali: Finding Your Purpose

In a recent enlightening episode of “Be Growth Driven,” we had the privilege of hosting Maryam Al Ali, a renowned figure in the realm of personal development and purpose discovery. The episode centered around a subject that resonates with every individual: the search for purpose. This quest, regardless of age, background, or circumstances, is a journey that many embark upon, often encountering significant challenges along the way.

Maryam Al Ali, hailing from the United Arab Emirates, shared her transformative journey. Starting her career on what she felt was the wrong foot, she spent eight years in accounting and finance, a field that left her unfulfilled despite outward success. Her life took a dramatic turn when she realized her true calling was far from the numbers and balance sheets that had defined her professional life.

Maryam’s epiphany came when she stumbled upon Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why,” which introduced her to the concept of purpose as distinct from goals. This realization was not immediate but a gradual awakening. By 2015, she recognized that her purpose was to help others embrace their authentic selves and serve a greater cause. This led to a bold career shift from finance to learning and development, aligning her professional path with her newfound purpose.

One of the most striking aspects of Maryam’s story is the emphasis on courage. Finding and following one’s purpose requires immense bravery, especially when it means deviating from a well-trodden path. Maryam’s decision to leave a stable, lucrative career was a testament to her commitment to her purpose. She highlights that understanding one’s purpose is a deeply emotional and spiritual process, not just a rational decision.

An interesting distinction Maryam makes is between purpose and mission. While purpose is a constant, the mission can evolve over time. Our purpose remains a steadfast beacon, but the ways in which we fulfill it – our missions – can change as our lives unfold. This dynamic relationship allows for growth and adaptability, ensuring that our pursuit of purpose remains relevant and impactful.

Maryam candidly shared how her purpose has been tested time and again, most notably during a health scare at a 10X event. Despite physical and emotional trials, her resolve to live her purpose only strengthened. This resilience in the face of adversity is a powerful reminder of the unyielding nature of true purpose.

Spirituality in Purpose Maryam also touched upon the profound role of spirituality in connecting with one’s purpose. She believes that when one aligns with their true essence, external challenges and societal pressures lose their power. This spiritual connection not only fortifies one’s resolve but also provides guidance and clarity in the journey of purpose fulfillment.

Maryam outlined six stages that individuals typically navigate in their pursuit of purpose. From complete unawareness to full engagement in living their purpose, each stage represents a step in the journey towards self-realization. The key, as Maryam emphasizes, is to move beyond mere awareness and actively pursue and live out one’s purpose.

According to Maryam, the biggest barrier to realizing one’s purpose is a lack of courage. Many people stop short of fully embracing their purpose due to fear, uncertainty, or societal pressures. She encourages listeners to break through these barriers by embracing their authentic selves and committing to their true calling.

Throughout the podcast, Maryam’s message was clear: Embrace your authentic self and let that guide you to your purpose. This alignment of one’s true self with their purpose is not just a path to personal fulfillment but also a way to make a meaningful impact on others.

Maryam Al Ali’s insights on “Be Growth Driven” offer a compelling call to action for anyone seeking to find and live their purpose. Her journey from a successful yet unfulfilling career to a life driven by purpose and passion serves as an inspiration. It’s a reminder that finding one’s purpose is not just a quest for personal fulfillment but a journey towards making a meaningful contribution to the world.

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