Episode 43 – Samantha Roberts: Amplifying Self and Contribution

In a recent episode of “Be Growth Driven,” hosted by Audrey, we had the opportunity to delve into the journey of personal and professional transformation with Samantha Roberts. Samantha’s story is one of courage, resilience, and the pursuit of growth, both on a personal and business level.

Samantha’s narrative is one of transformation from a corporate analyst to a vibrant figure in the entrepreneurial and personal development space. Her earlier career was marked by high achievements in corporate roles, yet it lacked personal fulfillment and self-worth. Samantha’s transition into the entrepreneurial world was catalyzed by her joining the 10X community and undergoing life-altering surgeries, which coincided with a profound internal shift towards self-discovery and personal growth.

A pivotal aspect of Samantha’s journey was her engagement with the 10X community, led by Grant Cardone. The regular interactions and mentorship she received played a crucial role in rediscovering her voice and conviction. This new path led her to recognize the power of community support in achieving personal and professional growth.

Samantha’s podcast, “Storytelling by the Numbers,” epitomizes her newfound purpose. Through her interviews and conversations with leaders and entrepreneurs, she explores deep and often uncharted aspects of their journeys. Her ability to ask incisive questions and delve into the heart of matters has become a hallmark of her approach, enabling her to bring out the best in her guests.

Transitioning from a structured corporate environment to the flexible world of entrepreneurship, Samantha observed a stark contrast in how business is conducted. She applied her corporate expertise to bring structure to entrepreneurial

ventures, identifying a niche where her skills could bridge gaps in small businesses. This realization led her to appreciate her corporate experiences while recognizing the need for specialized skills in entrepreneurship.

A key concept Samantha discusses is the “Zone of Genius” – the idea that individuals should focus on their strengths and outsource tasks that don’t align with their core skills. This approach fosters an ecosystem where everyone excels in their area of expertise, creating a more effective and collaborative business environment.

Samantha’s aspiration to contribute to a lasting legacy in the entrepreneurial space is evident in her work. She emphasizes the importance of learning from established leaders with enduring legacies, such as Grant Cardone. Her goal is to blend her skills with community enrichment, creating a platform that supports growth and legacy building in the entrepreneurial community.

For Samantha, the 10X philosophy embodies the essence of continuous personal and professional growth. It’s a commitment to never stop evolving and to consistently seek improvement. This philosophy aligns with her belief that one’s journey of growth is never complete, offering comfort in the knowledge that there is always more to achieve and learn.

Samantha Roberts’ journey from corporate success to finding her true calling in the entrepreneurial world serves as an inspiration for many. Her focus on community, legacy building, and personal growth highlights the transformative power of embracing one’s unique strengths and contributing to a greater cause. As she prepares to launch her new venture, Samantha stands as a testament to the power of courage, conviction, and the relentless pursuit of growth.

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