Josh & Megan Steinberger – “The Business of Marriage”

Josh and Megan Steinberger have been navigating the waters of marriage and business together for over a decade. Starting multiple businesses and overcoming personal and professional challenges, they’ve managed to strike a balance between their personal life and entrepreneurial endeavors. Both coming from previous relationships with children, they have blended their family and business lives harmoniously.

One critical aspect of Josh and Megan’s success is their understanding and acceptance of traditional roles, not as a limitation but as a natural inclination towards certain responsibilities. While Megan found herself naturally taking on the nurturing role in the family, Josh was focused on building and running the business. This natural division of labor, based on their strengths and preferences, has allowed them to grow both their family and business without unnecessary friction.

A significant turning point in their relationship was learning the importance of open, judgment-free communication. They emphasize the need for a “safety net” within the marriage, a space where both partners can express their feelings, needs, and concerns openly without fear of judgment or resentment. This environment has allowed them to address issues head-on and find solutions together, strengthening their bond.

A vital component of their marriage is their shared faith, which acts as the third strand in their relationship. They incorporate their spirituality into their daily lives through devotions and prayer, using it as a guiding principle in both their personal and professional decisions. This shared spiritual foundation has provided them with a sense of unity and purpose, guiding them through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

Josh and Megan candidly share their journey through the toughest times, including the brink of divorce. They lay bare the struggles they’ve faced and the decisions that led them to the crossroads. Through their book, “The Marriage of Business: A Cord of Three Strands,” they aim to compress years of learning, mistakes, and victories into actionable advice for other couples navigating the same path.

Josh and Megan’s story is a testament to the power of partnership, communication, and shared values in overcoming the unique challenges of combining marriage and business. Their journey shows that with intentionality, respect, and a solid foundation, couples can not only survive but thrive in the entrepreneurial world while nurturing a loving and supportive marriage. Their continuous commitment to each other and their shared goals is a guiding light for others on a similar path.

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