Coming Soon to BEGrowthDriven James Keyes: The Modern Renaissance Man

In this engaging episode of the BEGrowthDriven podcast, host Joel Buhr sits down with James Keyes, the former CEO of 7-Eleven and Blockbuster, to delve into the crucial aspects of personal growth, learning, and overcoming fear in achieving success.

Mastering the Art of Learning: Key Insights from James Keyes

Keyes and Buhr start by highlighting the importance of developing the skill of learning how to learn. They emphasize the need for curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity to enhance the learning process. Keyes shares his personal journey, emphasizing how embracing change and building confidence have been instrumental in his success.

Embracing Change and Building Confidence

The conversation touches on the significance of simplifying innovation and maintaining clarity in business leadership. Keyes cites Einstein’s quote on simplicity, stressing the importance of removing complexity to create innovative products.

The Power of Simplicity in Innovation

Keyes details the impact of fear on individuals and society, how fear can hinder personal and professional growth and underscore the necessity of facing challenges head-on. Keyes draws inspiration from Yoda’s quote, encouraging listeners to replace fear with knowledge and understanding.

Curiosity, Critical Thinking, and Creativity: Keys to Success

Throughout the episode, Keyes shares insightful stories from his career, including how 7-Eleven transformed into a convenience store model driven by customer needs. He also reflects on personal experiences, urging listeners to cherish time with loved ones and find growth through adversity.

Cherishing Time and Finding Growth Through Adversity

Keyes shares personal anecdotes, encouraging listeners to cherish their time with loved ones and find personal growth through challenging experiences. Drawing from Yoda’s wisdom, Keyes explains the importance of replacing fear with knowledge to overcome challenges and foster peace.

To hear more about James Keyes’ remarkable achievements and his wisdom on navigating change, cultivating curiosity, and overcoming fear, tune into the latest episode of the BEGrowthDriven podcast.

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