“Pivot Point”

The episode brought forth an engaging discussion among various successful entrepreneurs, shedding light on their experiences navigating the unprecedented challenges of 2020. Here’s a breakdown of the key takeaways under various subheadings:

For many, 2020 began with high hopes and ambitious targets, following a successful 2019. However, as the pandemic unfolded, businesses faced significant disruptions, leading to a stark contrast between initial expectations and the eventual reality.

Our guests acknowledged a brief period of uncertainty or ‘darkness’ as they faced sudden, drastic changes. However, they didn’t dwell there long. Instead, they quickly shifted to data analysis, planning, and action, demonstrating the resilience and adaptive nature of successful entrepreneurs.

Key moments of pivot involved letting go of perceived assets that turned into liabilities under the new circumstances. This included reevaluating business models, products, and strategies. The unanimous agreement was on the importance of mindset, focusing on what could be controlled, taking decisive action, and doubling down on reaching out and serving customers.

Being in the right circles, surrounded by motivating and successful individuals, played a crucial role. It provided the necessary courage, insights, and opportunities to pivot effectively. Networking and seeking mentorship emerged as crucial strategies for navigating through crises.

The results of these pivot points and mindset shifts were remarkable. Many experienced their best year in business, expanded into new markets, or launched new products. As they move into 2021, the focus is on maintaining the momentum, continuous improvement, and capitalizing on the lessons learned from the challenging yet transformative year of 2020.

Special Guests Include:

• Ken Joslin
• Jeff Sarault
• Russ Yeager
• Jason Ault
• Robert Syslo
• Aaron Johnson
• Dave Robards
…and MORE!

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