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Networking, Perseverance, and Positivity: Paige Zutavern’s Growth-Driven Mindset for Success

On this week’s episode of the BEGrowthDriven podcast, we invited Paige Zutavern, the President and guiding visionary of Strictly Business Magazine, which is set to celebrate its 31st anniversary on July 4th. With a passion for helping entrepreneurs, an eye for storytelling, and an unwavering dedication to networking, Paige has spent her career spotlighting local businesses, showcasing their talents, people, products, and services through both print and digital platforms.

Her journey began on a cattle ranch in the heart of Nebraska’s Sandhills, where she cultivated her strong work ethic. After attending the University of Nebraska, she sharpened her leadership and sales skills at Gallup. However, her free spirit and vision led her and her high school sweetheart, Shayne, to launch Strictly Business Magazine from scratch. This entrepreneurial journey has resulted in over 15 million online views in search last year alone, with Paige finding her greatest satisfaction in providing this traffic as a free service to clients.

Beyond the magazine, Paige champions entrepreneurship, non-profits, and women-owned businesses. She actively advocates for diversity and inclusion, ensuring that all entrepreneurs have a voice and opportunity. With her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence, Paige continues to impact the business world as a respected leader, storyteller, and advocate for meaningful connections.

In this episode, we explore the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of networking, positivity, integrity, and staying true to one’s values. Paige highlighted the significance of old-school marketing concepts, building relationships, and connecting people.

The Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Paige candidly discussed the setbacks entrepreneurs often face, including long hours and employee turnover. Despite these obstacles, she emphasizes the importance of perseverance and positivity.

Old-School Marketing Strategies Meet New Technologies

The duo acknowledged that while old-school concepts like relationship-building remain crucial, new platforms and technologies have their place in modern marketing. Paige believes that despite changing times, print media will continue to thrive due to people’s preference for tangible materials, particularly in the Lincoln and Omaha markets.

A Growth-Driven Mindset

Joel and Paige emphasized a growth-driven mindset that leverages personal talents and passions to drive success. Paige’s grandfather inspired her strong work ethic and loyalty to employers, values she now passes on through her businesses, and encourages entrepreneurs to uphold these values and stand for something they believe in.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking insight into the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and the power of networking, perseverance, and positivity in business.

Driven by Growth

As we wrap up another fantastic session, remember that every challenge presents an opportunity to innovate, and every connection is a step toward substantial growth. Keep striving, keep learning, and let your business journey be driven by growth.

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