“The Fear Of Podcasts”

The Fear Of Podcasts

Join us for our January 26th roundtable all about getting over the fear of podcasts and live video. This episode features guest David Bange and a few surprise guests.

In this episode we pull back the current on what you can do to start your own podcast or webinar series. We share all our tips, tricks, and tools. We know that starting a podcast can be daunting. Especially when the only thing you’ve pressed record on is your VCR (hello to anyone who remembers what they are). 😉

We are all here to hold each other accountable and build each other up!

There’s a lot of reason people don’t want to start a podcast or live video series: fear, insecurities, time commitment, confusion on where to start etc. We want to put your mind at ease and there’s no reason to hold back anymore!

This episodes special guest, David Bange, is the owner of David Bange Roofing Company; a successful full-service roofing company servicing South Florida. David is also a Father of two wonderful children and husband to his amazing wife

Want to start your own podcast? Download our podcast essentials shopping list here.

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