Shaun Clark – SAAS and Driving Business

Starting the Conversation 

The podcast episode began with an anticipation-filled introduction. As the hosts eagerly awaited their guest, Shaun Clark from High Level, they reflected on the unpredictability of 2021, jokingly hinting at the possibility of sharknados. The focus was clear: equipping business owners, marketers, and salespeople with robust solutions for the challenges ahead.

Shaun Clark, a software engineer driven by a passion for aiding small businesses through technology, joined the conversation. His career, dedicated to leveraging software for business growth, set the tone for an insightful exchange. His personal touch, coupled with a commitment to customer engagement, was evident, highlighting the importance of a top-down approach to product development and customer care.

Shaun detailed his professional journey, marked by both triumphs and setbacks. From dropping out of college to building and losing businesses, his path was anything but linear. Shaun’s resilience shone through as he recounted growing a software company from his kitchen table, emphasizing the constant challenges and the absence of an “easy” day in the life of an entrepreneur.

The conversation shifted to the hurdles business owners face. Shaun highlighted the common misstep of underestimating the complexity and continual evolution required in marketing. He stressed the importance of businesses understanding the value of professional marketers and the necessity of adapting and evolving strategies.

Shaun discussed the initial focus of High Level on reputation management and text messaging. The platform evolved as he realized the significance of nurturing leads throughout their journey. This realization birthed a suite of features aimed at automating the process of lead engagement and follow-up, underscoring the importance of immediate response and persistent communication.

Looking ahead, Shaun shared insights into upcoming innovations. A major focus on Google My Business and the integration of AI in lead nurturing processes were highlighted. These advancements, he explained, are geared towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of digital channels for small businesses.

For business owners like Larry, Shaun recommended starting with web chat integration on their websites. This simple yet powerful tool can significantly increase engagement and lead capture. He also discussed the importance of call tracking and automated responses, emphasizing that missed calls are often missed opportunities.

As the conversation drew to a close, Shaun Clark reflected on the integral role small businesses play in fostering innovation and nurturing community spirit. He expressed a deep commitment to empowering these vital entities, underscoring their significance not just in the business world but in society at large. The episode concluded with an invitation for listeners to engage further, sharing their own stories of growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of 2021.

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