Mark Kinsley Building Global Communities with THE FAM

In a recent episode of Be Growth Driven, hosted by Joel Buhr, listeners were treated to an in-depth conversation with Mark Kinsley, President and CEO of Englander Mattress Company, and the visionary behind THE FAM—a community dedicated to revolutionizing the mattress industry through conferences, tailored programs, and insider content. This episode not only peeled back the layers on entrepreneurship and leadership within the niche of mattress manufacturing but also provided a playbook for those aiming to make an impact in any industry.

From Industry Leader to Community Builder

Mark’s journey is a testament to the power of transition and adaptation. With a rich background in journalism, marketing, and even bed springs, he’s moving full-time to spearhead THE FAM. This pivot highlights a crucial lesson for entrepreneurs: growth often requires bold moves into new ventures, driven by a passion for serving and connecting with others.

The Art of Community and Consistency

Kinsley stresses the importance of consistency in content creation and the value of seeking advice while offering help. He emphasizes the importance of serving others to foster a thriving community as the ethos of fostering a thriving community.

Embracing Challenges and Risks

Transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship, Kinsley shares the turbulent yet rewarding journey of his 20 years of side hustles. The narrative takes a turn towards embracing challenges and leveraging fear as a catalyst for growth. Mark’s experiences underscore the necessity of stepping out of comfort zones and making decisive actions to propel business and personal growth.

Investing in Growth and Purpose

A key takeaway from their dialogue is the significance of intentional investment in personal growth and business success. Mark’s strategy of setting intentions before dedicating time and resources has led to a 20% growth in his business. This approach of intentional action and investment in oneself and one’s business emerges as a cornerstone for sustainable success.

Vision, Mindset, and Identity in Entrepreneurship

As the conversation veers into the realms of entrepreneurship, mindset, and risk-taking, Joel and Mark discuss the importance of asking “what if” questions, fostering a vision, and taking incremental steps towards ambitious goals. They touch upon the essence of aligning one’s entrepreneurial journey with personal identity and purpose, especially within the evolving mattress industry.

Their discussion culminates in the shared goal of impacting over 100 million people by enhancing sleep quality through innovation. The narrative not only shines a light on the mattress industry but also serves as a beacon for entrepreneurs aiming to align their business endeavors with a deeper purpose.

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